Top X essential Nokia N900 apps and more

Nokia N900 is still my all-time favorite mobile. So it happened I had to reflash my device and install every app again. I thought maybe I should list all the apps I see as essential for everyday use. Maemo has gotten some criticism in the past about not having enough software, which really is a ridiculous claim if you ask me. It is not always that easy to choose from the many available choices you have, as the repository is huge. There are of course plenty of other great apps you might want to install, but these should make your device somewhat more enjoyable and ready for day-to-day use.

Faster Application Manager

Built in application manager is slow and clumsy to use, this one is neither.


Catorise organizes your applications menu into groups, so you'll have at least some hope of finding your application in a reasonable amount of time.


Best Youtube (+ dailymotion & vimeo) viewer available.


Maemo broeser is usually your top choice, but there are some sites that work better with Firefox. You should have it, if not for the features it offers, just in case you happen to need it.


Fetch contact info and photos from social networks.


Synchronize N900 calendar with Google.


It's a timer alarm, which counts both ways. Lifesaver in kitchen.


Share your files via Bluetooth or internet.


Note taking application far superior to what comes with N900 by default.

Flashlight & Camera Lens Launcher

Use camera flash leds as a flashlight. Combine with CLL to get a nice menu to choose which one to launch on lens cover open.

And some more..

You might find these pretty essential too. I did.

AdBlock Plus - Block ads.
BackupMenu - Backup OS and programs.  Recovery tools.
Calendar Home Widget - Calendar widget replacement.
Mobile HotSpot - Shares your 3G connection via WLAN or USB.
Open Media Player - Replacement for the stock media player.
Recaller - Call recorder. Can record from other sources too.
Rootsh - Gives root-access to device.
Transmission - Torrent client.

You should also consider updating to Community SSU to keep your N900 as up-to-date as possible. Now, go enjoy your N900 :)

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